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Minneapolis Maternity Photographer

You're Going to Feel Beautiful!

The Maternity

I get it.  Those other people are the "glowy" pregnant mamas and you couldn't feel anymore opposite right now.  You're more exhausted than you've ever been.   You feeling more like a whale by the day.  The thought of participating in a maternity session sends you into a cold sweat.  Finding an outfit that will fit your ever expanding bump and still look flattering seems like an impossible task.

I'm here to tell you that absolutely NONE of that is true.  Maternity sessions with me are EMPOWERING.  You're going to appreciate just how stunning you are .  You're going to be so very glad you captured this fleeting stage.  I promise.  Don't let it pass you by.




Let's keep this whole thing easy, yeah?  

Fill out the short contact form on my website and send it on over.  I make it a goal to get back to you in one business day. 

We'll schedule a brief phone call to spend a few moments getting to know each other better.  I find this phone call make things all the more comfortable the day of the shoot. 

I'll walk you through my process, which is purposely streamlined to be as simple as possible.  I'll answer any questions or concerns.  And of course, we'll get into the nitty gritty details of pricing.

1. Say Hello

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You're ready to move forward-let's do this thing!

After our initial phone call, I email a Pricing Guide that includes the proposal to make things official.   Review the guide, sign the contract, and pay the nonrefundable Session Fee.  It's easy peasy-all online with just a few clicks.

Your session is now secured on my calendar!

2. sign on the dotted line

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Next up after completing this proposal, I'm going to send you my oh so helpful Session Prep Guide. It's made to take all the guesswork out of this process. The guide answers FAQ's and tells you what to do to prepare. Don't worry, you don't have to do much. It also gives some helpful advice on picking out what to wear-one of the most stressful parts of any photo session. I've been there, I get it!  

Now to REALLY take the wardrobe selection process up a notch, all client's have access to a Personalized Styling Service. Fill out a brief questionnaire about who you are dressing, your style, and your preferred color palettes and get specific coordinated outfit suggestions (with links to actual items!) for each member of your family. Not wanting to buy new clothes? Use the suggestions as inspiration to shop your closet.  BOOM.

3.  preparation

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The day has come! We meet at the agreed upon location-usually your home or a fabulous outdoor spot.  

We've already chatted on the phone, so we kinda feel like good friends already.

I'll come prepared with plenty of prompts and shot ideas that will be oh so flattering. If you've got kiddos participating in the session, I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to make it fun and engaging for them and to capture your family's raw love and connection.

You get to just relax and enjoy yourself. No stressing about your kiddos-I've seen it all. Your job is to just keep smiling and love on your family.  

4.  Let's shoot!

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2-3 weeks after the session, I'll send over a your fully edited gallery slideshow for you to "ohh and ahhh" over. Prepare for some emotional moments!!

Now that you've fallen in love with your images, you have 24 hours to decide which Collection to purchase. Don't stress though-you're just choosing the Collection level immediately. You have 1 month to select the individual images you'll keep forever as part of that Collection and deciding how you'll spend your print credit.    Remember-all Collections come with a certain number of digital images and a particular $ amount print credit.  

Now get that artwork up on your walls and that album on your coffee table to enjoy! We're not going to let your investment languish unseen in the digital void!

5. Your Photographs

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Say Hello

total investment starts at $750

Collections from $500

$250 session fee

The details


The Session Fee includes my preparation for & time and talent at your shoot, a Session Prep Guide, and access to a Personalized Styling Service.

All digital images and products are sold separately via Collections chosen once you have viewed your online gallery.  Buy only what and how much you love! All Collections include a certain number of digital images and a sizable print credit that offsets your investment and helps keeps your images from gathering dust on an old hard drive!

We'll talk full pricing details on our brief introductory phone call.  Just after the call I'll send over my Pricing Guide.   I won't leave you hanging right now though!   

Choice of 4 Milestone Sessions
Maternity | Fresh 48 | Newborn | 3 Month | 6 Month | Sitter | 1 Year | Walking

Baby Plan

Ready to get the most bang for your buck and document babe's entire first year?  Inquire about the Baby Plan!

Oh my gosh - I am blown away!! I LOVE these pictures! To be honest, I didn’t feel very 'glowing' during this late-pregnancy phase, and I was in a big hassle getting our outfits planned & us out the door - but my goodness, these pictures don't show any of that, it's like magic! I can't get over these, I'm so happy! I cannot thank you enough; these are going to be cherished!




What an amazing experience getting to work with Kate! Making a woman feel comfortable in front of a camera at 39 weeks pregnant is quite a miracle, and Kate managed to not only make me feel totally at ease but also beautiful for our maternity shoot. Both my husband and I usually are so awkward in photos, but Kate's warm, confident, supportive demeanor made it so easy - it felt like just having a friend hanging out in our home! The photos turned out better than we could have ever imagined and we will cherish them for decades to come. I can't wait to have Kate back through the years to capture our family!




Kate knew exactly how to cue every photo to have them look incredibly professional yet still allow me to feel comfortable for each shot. It's not always easy to feel beautiful when you are so pregnant but I have never felt so full of beauty until that shoot and especially seeing the images afterwards. She captured timeless photos that I will happily look back on for the years to come. I know it's easy to say this when you are happy with something but, I really cannot recommend Kate enough when it comes to maternity photos.




To Hear from you!