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Newborn sessions are done from the comfort of your home.   Trust me when I say, there is nothing more fabulous  than letting me come to you when you've just brought life into the world.   Cuddled up on your own bed or sofa with your  possessions weaving their way into the tapestry of your images.  It's so much more meaningful than you can even imagine, until you see it all come to life in YOUR delivered gallery.  

I hear your oppositions!  "My house isn't nice enough, it's too small, too messy.  I mean, we JUST had a baby!"  None of that matters and let me promise you that every home I've been into has been perfectly lived in for this stage of life with little ones.  I've shot in one bedroom apartments, houses undergoing renovations, not yet fully unpacked houses.  You DON'T need a magazine cover ready home.  That's so not the point of this whole thing.  I'm all about capturing you and your growing family just where you are.  I promise I know all the tricks to make all that other stuff dissolve into the background.   Or stay put when it's part of your story.




Let's keep this whole thing easy, yeah?  

Fill out the short contact form on my website and send it on over.  I make it a goal to get back to you in one business day. 

We'll schedule a brief phone call to spend a few moments getting to know each other better.  I find this phone call make things all the more comfortable the day of the shoot. 

I'll walk you through my process, which is purposely streamlined to be as simple as possible.  I'll answer any questions or concerns.  And of course, we'll get into the nitty gritty details of pricing.

1. Say Hello

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2.  Sign on the dotted line

You're ready to move forward-let's do this thing!

Once you're sweet babe has arrived and you are ready to book, reach out to me and we'll select a date/time. As soon after the birth as possible is best to secure a date in the optimum window.  I'll send over your contract and invoice for the non-refundable session fee.  It's easy peasy-you can review/sign the contract and pay the invoice online with just a few clicks.

Your session date is now secured on my calendar!

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I'll send over my Session Prep Guide that answers FAQ's.  My goal is to answer any questions before you've even had a chance to think of them.

The Session Prep Guide includes advice on picking out what everyone will wear and home to prepare your home.  You don't have to do much-I promise!  Also included are some suggested wardrobe color palettes to make things even easier.  

I get it, picking out what to wear is one of the most stressful parts.  I'm here to help make it easier.  Contact me if you need additional help beyond the guide.

3. Preparation

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The day has come!  I come to you!  No hauling a newborn and other kiddos out of the house-whew.

We've already chatted on the phone, so we kinda feel like good friends already.

I'll come prepared with plenty of prompts and shot ideas.  If you've got kiddos participating in the session, I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve to make it fun and engaging for them and to capture your family's raw love and connection.

You get to just relax and enjoy yourself.  No stressing about your kiddos-I've seen it all.  Your job is to just keep smiling and love on your new addition.  

4. let's shoot!

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2-3 weeks after the session, I'll send over a your fully edited gallery slideshow for you to "ohh and ahhh" over.  Prepare for some emotional moments!!

Now that you've fallen in love with your images, you have 3 days to decide which Package to purchase. Don't stress though-you're just choosing the package level immediately. Take your time selecting the individual images you'll keep forever as part of that package and spending your print credit. Remember, all packages come with a certain number of digital images and a particular $ amount print credit.  

Now get that artwork up on your walls to enjoy!

5. your photographs

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heirloom artwork • priceless

Packages from $300

$200 session fee

We'll talk full pricing details on our brief introductory phone call.  Just after the call I'll send over my pricing guide, with all the collection options outlined.

I won't leave you hang right now though!   Minimum investment with Session Fee and base Package is $500.  I find most client's spend about $800.  All packages include a print credit.

The Session Fee covers my time and talent the day of the shoot and is non-refundable.   Once you are presented with your gallery you choose your Package level-buy only what (and if) you love!  

The details

Say Hello


Working with Kate for our newborn session in our home was like visiting with a good friend. Kate clearly and confidently directed our poses and positioning, which is invaluable as new parents just getting the hang of things. Kate’s warmth and calm demeanor allowed me to feel comfortable nursing in front of the camera. We love the images she was able to capture of our growing family and will cherish them forever!

in home Newborn SESSION



Working with Kate was phenomenal. Anyone with kids know getting them to cooperate for photos can be a challenge! She made the process stress-free. She rolled with what the little ones needed, found ways to engage them and keep them interested. She has a kind, empathetic nature that put everyone at ease. I think some of the improvised moments created some of the best photos. We are very happy with our experience!

In Home Newborn Session



It was a fantastic experience inviting Kate into our home to help us capture the memories of our newborn. Despite being exhausted and our house being a mess, Kate ensured that our photos turned out their best. Both her demeanor and final product were highly professional. We are so grateful that she helped us capture these fleeting moments as our newborn quickly grows up.



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