Why Boudoir Maternity Photos Are Totally Worth It!

A pregnant woman is lounging in a light gray armchair, with her legs stretched out and resting on the armrest. She is wearing a delicate, lace robe that drapes elegantly over the chair. The room is bright with natural light streaming in through the white blinds, creating a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

This time in your life is exceptional and unique. It’s hard to believe that right there, as you look down a little human is growing inside of you, something you and your partner have made with love. That’s why boudoir maternity photos are something you will never regret having. It’s an extraordinary chance for you to capture something memorable.

As a Minneapolis family photographer, I have been lucky enough to take photos of families experiencing these baby bumps for the first time, second, third, or even more! I did maternity sessions for all my 3 kiddos, but I never did any maternity boudoir photos for myself. This is something I really regret.

So this blog article is where I share with you the reasons why you should consider boudoir maternity photos, from a professional family photographer and a mother of three! Let’s go!

A pregnant woman is seated cross-legged on a bed, looking down at her bare belly. She is wearing a black robe with lace details, which is open at the front to reveal her pregnant stomach. The bed is covered with white, quilted bedding, creating a soft and serene atmosphere that highlights the woman's contemplative and peaceful expression.

What is Maternity Boudoir Photography?

So I guess you are wondering what exactly are boudoir maternity photos. They are known by a few names, bare bump maternity photos, or bare belly maternity photos, whatever you call them, they are in essence similar things, and a chance to capture very intimate, artistic, and truly stunning photos of you and your family, literally growing in front of the lens.

Think of it as a more intimate twist on traditional maternity photos. It’s all about capturing that unique connection between you and your baby bump. It’s a chance for you to embrace your natural beauty, feel sexy, if that’s what you want, and have fun! 

When you think of photo shoots, you automatically think of studio, lighting, and posed photos. With my bare bump /boudoir maternity photos this isn’t how I like to do things. As a relaxed family photographer, I love capturing the authentic, natural moments of bare belly and boudoir photography. 

My approach is all about reflecting your true self and the unique bond forming with your baby. Unlike traditional posed photoshoots, my sessions are chilled and take place in the comfort of your own home, where you can truly be yourselves. This creates a familiar and comfortable setting, allowing genuine emotions to shine through. The result is a collection of photos that are not only beautiful but also deeply meaningful, preserving memories and feelings you’ll cherish forever.

A pregnant woman, smiling and looking at the camera, is reclining on a bed with light green pillows and a brown cushion. She is wearing a black bra and has a white shirt draped over her shoulder, with a tattoo visible on her right foot. The ambiance is calm and cozy, with a bedside table and a lamp in the background.

However, I do get it – it feels totally vulnerable! But let’s put that aside briefly and see it as an opportunity to embrace your sensitivity. I chose at the time not to have any maternity boudoir photos because I thought the same as everyone else. I am not looking my best, they wouldn’t be flattering, I would feel super awkward, and the usual internal musings of I am not thin enough!? Speaking from personal experience, I know this is complete garbage and I also know that this significant moment in your life is one that you will never get back. For all my fellow millennials out there, in the words of Baz Luhrmann and his iconic song, ‘Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen’:

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth, oh, never mind

You will not understand the power and beauty of your youth

Until they’ve faded, but trust me, in 20 years, you’ll look back

At photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now

How much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked

You are not as fat as you imagine

A black and white image of a pregnant woman and her partner lying on a bed, facing each other and smiling. The woman is wearing a white bra and jeans, while the man is in a dark t-shirt and jeans. They are cuddled close, with the woman's hand resting on her partner's chest and his arm wrapped around her. The bed is adorned with a patterned pillow and a textured blanket, adding to the cozy atmosphere.

Why You Should Consider Boudoir Maternity Photos

Now that you know exactly what boudoir maternity photos are (plus a bit of Baz!), then we now need to know why you should have them, don’t you think?

I consider one of my superpowers to be the ability to make people feel at ease and comfortable. I promise I’ve seen (and felt!) it all, I make no judgments, and my number one goal is to capture stunning images while helping you feel confident. This is how all maternity boudoir photographers should be! So this is a good opportunity to put those fears to the back of your mind and focus on those amazing photos you will be capturing.

Boudoir maternity photos aim to capture a distinctive fleeting moment in your life and give you the opportunity to look back on it for years to come. I can absolutely promise you won’t regret them but will look back with love. Let’s face it, pregnancy is so so tough! These photos serve as a powerful reminder of your strength and beauty by capturing this incredible chapter in your life.

A pregnant woman reclines on a bed, with a dog resting its head gently on her bare belly. She is smiling down at the dog, wearing a black robe tied at the front. The dog, wearing a red collar, looks up with a calm and affectionate expression. The scene is warm and tender, highlighting the bond between the woman and her pet.

Every journey into parenthood is unique, and what an exciting way to tell that story by photographs. Telling your own interesting story, the rollercoaster of joy and fears, adds that extra element to the journey of your little one(s).

A good reason why you should consider maternity boudoir photos is for your children themselves. Depending on your style of boudoir maternity photographs, It’s an amazing experience to share those photographs with your child after they are born. If your kiddos are like mine, they are always asking where they came from and what that experience was like. What a memorable thing to actually show them a picture of themselves inside Mommy!

But it’s also a great time to include the bumps siblings if you want to do this. You can document your whole crew together (plus bump) before the child arrives. I like to make these fun and child led, so we all get to enjoy this exciting time!

A black and white image of a young boy hugging a pregnant woman's belly. The boy looks to the side with a curious and excited expression, while the woman, draped in a dark garment, gently holds him close. The intimate moment captures the bond between the child and the expected sibling.

The second reason is for you! I have seen how much confidence it can give to look at those photos and genuinely feel great about the way you look. I know firsthand about the nausea and the extreme tiredness alone! When you look back on what is happening inside you to create a life is mind-blowing, to say the least! It’s not just about capturing these amazing images and preserving them forever, it’s also about looking after you! When you work with me, your boudoir maternity photos will be relaxed, stress-free, and a chance to really appreciate what you are going through in a positive way. It may not seem like it now, but when you look back at these photos, you’ll see just how beautiful and incredible you are. You’re a true superhuman—go you!

It’s also a unique time to spend bonding with your partner, if you are going through this journey with one. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break, enjoy each other’s company, and capture the excitement and love for your future child together. You may already have little ones running around your home, creating chaos! Taking this time out for a little ‘bump bonding’ session feels like a truly heartfelt experience, a cherished moment plus not to mention some valuable alone time! 

A black and white image of a pregnant woman and her partner standing in a field with tall grass. The woman is wearing a button-up shirt over a bra and shorts, and her partner is in a plaid shirt and jeans. They are holding hands, with the man gently kissing her forehead, creating a tender and loving moment. Trees form the backdrop, adding a natural and serene ambiance.

My maternity sessions are all about variety. So when you opt for some boudoir maternity or baby bump photos, they will be a part of your gallery, not the whole thing. My favorite way to incorporate these is to start your session at home. The home setting really lends itself to the intimacy and authenticity of these types of images. We can quickly and easily get shots of several different bare bump “outfits,” grab some more photos at home in a full outfit, and then progress on to an outdoor location if you’d like. I love incorporating both mama-to-be and their partner in both bare bump AND standard maternity photos. Talking of outfits, read on to find out some bare bump outfit options to consider.

Maternity Boudoir Outfits

When taking maternity boudoir photos, naturally you are going to consider ahead of time, your maternity boudoir outfits! I know your head must be full at the moment, with planning for the little one, baby showers, and not to mention your pregnancy hormones going wild! I am here to help!

Firstly I would like to say, wear whatever you feel comfortable in! There is certainly no judgment on my part! 

These are some options that I like to recommend to my clients:

-dress that opens in the front with panties/bralette

-button down cardigan with bralette/unzipped jeans

-open front robe or kimono with panties/bralette

-oversized sweater that can be pulled up over the bump, paired with unzipped jeans

-just a bralette/panties


-topless/bralette with flower bouquet covering your chest

As you can see there is a wide variety of options, depending on the style of maternity boudoir photos you want to have. 

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Consider A Maternity Boudoir Photoshoot.

There you have it, an insight into maternity boudoir photos. It may not spring to the forefront of your mind with all that’s going on during your pregnancy, but to stop and record this exceptionally meaningful time during your life and celebrate it now and for years to come is something truly worth doing. To look back on you being your strong badass and beautiful self is such a confidence boost too!

Those vulnerabilities around it will truly fade away when you work with a professional maternity photographer like myself. Having my eye and a true knack for posing/angles/positioning that flatters you too means you are in the very best of hands.
So if you are interested in learning more about maternity photography and maternity boudoir photography then click here. Or you can head over here to get in touch with any questions you may have. I can’t wait to discuss your new bump!

Covid-19 Update

I AM fully vaccinated and boosted.  With the rise of concerning variants, I DO continue to wear a mask for in-home sessions.  I am also more than happy to wear a mask for any outdoor sessions upon request.

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